Farm & Garden


Fresh & healthy vegetables for local markets!

NILE ORGANICS - a brand of the non-profit and social impact oriented NILE FOUNDATION - produces fresh and healthy vegetables, herbs and spices for the local markets on their farms and gardens. One of our farm projects is located near the municipality of GONDOKORO right on the banks of the Nile River in the green and fertile countryside of JUBA, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan. In addition, NILE ORGANICS operates another farm near POCHALLA on the banks of the Akobo River. Further farm projects are already being planned.

NILE ORGANICS is conceived and developed as a long-term and sustainable joint venture between African and European partners. The agricultural cooperative is based on the goals for sustainable development of the United Nations and, based on its social impact approach, practices a very close and partnership-based relationship with the respective local population.

NILE ORGANICS will make a significant contribution to food security for the population of the capital JUBA and the state of CENTRAL EQUATORIA as well as to the supply of the POCHALLA region within the GREATER PIBOR ADMINISTRATIVE AREA in the east of the Republic of South Sudan. Our agricultural cooperatives are always designed as a social impact project that not only creates jobs for the local community, but also provides rural communities with education, renewable energy and clean drinking water in the future.


NILE ORGANICS as a young, innovative and tech-driven company works together with technology partners from Europe, for example on the development and construction of Agri-Photovoltaic Systems (Agri-PV). With their help, crops and renewable energy can be produced in synchronized systems on the same piece of land. Such innovations will not only benefit local communities from agricultural products of our farms. In the future, remote rural communities will also benefit from a stable electricity supply, which our Agri-Photovoltaic Systems want to make available to people with the help of decentralized off-grid solutions.