Farm & Garden


Our approach - healthy, fair & sustainable!

NILE ORGANICS is based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and conceived as a Social-Impact-Project. That's why our agricultural cooperative won't just create jobs for the local community, in the future we will also provide rural communities with vocational training, renewable energy and clean drinking water. 

According to NILE ORGANICS, sustainable agriculture means improving the productivity of the soil while at the same time minimizing the harmful effects of a farm on the climate, soil, water, air, biodiversity and human health. For us, sustainable agriculture means making a significant contribution to ensuring that the basic food needs of present and future generations can be met qualitatively and quantitatively. We always focus on the local population with their needs, their knowledge, their skills and their socio-cultural values and structures. And of course, sustainable agriculture and business administration always means adequate income as well as equal living and working conditions for everyone working on our farms and also no differences between male and female employees.

The farms and gardens of NILE ORGANICS focus on biodiversity and agroforestry. That means farming in harmony with the natural environment. Trees are preserved whenever possible. Should it be necessary to fell a tree, for example to be able to build a green house, then we will plant and maintain at least two new trees to compensate. In addition, sustainable farming aims to use as little as possible non-renewable and petroleum-based resources. These should - wherever possible - be replaced, for example by solar energy from photovoltaic systems.